About this course

Mindfulness is incredibly simple and easy to apply. The benefits however are mind-blowing. 


Learn life skills to help you to ease stress, reduce anxiety, cope better with pain, reduce ruminative thinking, prevent burn-out, and improve your personal and professional relationships.

What to expect from the Mindfulness, Meditation, and Mindset 6-week Course

During live sessions, and through the extra video's and files, we will explore different cognitive-behavioral techniques, self-reflection tools, life-coaching strategies, transformational meditations, and mindfulness practices to help you manage and enjoy life better. 

This is what you can expect to take away from the course.

  • Increase self-trust, self-confidence, and mental resilience.
  • Prevent overwhelm and burn-out, let go of anxiety and low moods.
  • Learn how to use the power of your unconscious mind.
  • Find strategies to overcome self-sabotage and procrastination.
  • Monitor your thoughts instead of allowing thoughts to control you.
  • Become more focussed, and learn to relax deeper.
  • Feel into your body and what it needs to be vibrant.
  • Become more responsive and less reactive.
  • Access your creativity and improve productivity.
  • Become a better communicator.


Neuroscience & Neuroplasticity - Changing the Brain with Mindfulness

  • increased amount of grey matter in the insult and sensory regions, the auditory and sensory cortex.
  • more grey matter in the frontal cortex, associated with working memory and executive decision making.
  • mental training that changes the physicality of the brain to better attentional and emotional self-regulation. 

Differences found in brain volume after 8-weeks in the following regions:

  • primary difference in the posterior cingulate part involved in mid wandering and self-regulation.
  • left hippocampus, which assists learning, cognition, memory, and emotional regulation.
  • the TPJ, temporal parietal junction, associated with perspective taking, empathy, and compassion.
  • the pons where a lot of regulatory neurotransmitters are produced.
  • the amigdala - centre of anxiety, fear, and stress.

This is a life-changing exploration that enhances your senses and enriches your life


Self-awareness is power. By gaining a deeper awareness of what’s going on in your body and mind, from moment to moment, you develop incredible control over your mind. This ultimately opens you up to unimaginable possibilities. 

Transform your Life

A life-changing exploration that enhances your senses and enriches your life!

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Session 1 - Art & Science of Mindfulness & Meditation

  • 3

    Session 1 - Homework

    • What to do this week

    • Guided Body Scan

  • 4

    Session 2 - Awareness, Attention & Focus

    • Dealing with Obstacles

    • Helping Factors

    • Mindful Eating

    • Your unique Drive & Motivation

    • Procrastination

    • Emotional Intelligence

    • The Cycle of Change

    • Triggers & Reactions

    • Identifying Core Limiting Beliefs

    • The Reticular Activation System

    • Tips for Practising the Body Scan

    • Introduction to Breath Awareness

  • 5

    Session 2 - Homework

    • Session 2 - Homework

    • Guided Breath Meditation

    • Guided Zen Breath Meditation

  • 6

    Session 3 - Managing The Shattered Mind

    • The Power of your Breath

    • Working with the Breath

    • 3-minute Breathing Space

    • The Body in Motion - Mindful Walking

    • How to Build Confidence

    • Action & Accountability

    • Develop a Growth Mindset

    • The Power of your Subconscious Mind

    • Find lasting motivation

    • Mindful Walking

  • 7

    Session 3 - Homework

    • What to do this week

    • Guided 3-minute Breathing Space

    • Guided 10-minute Breath Meditation

  • 8

    Session 4 - Understanding Stress

    • Stress & the Automatic Stress Response

    • Stress, don't add

    • Automatic Negative Thoughts

    • Questionning Thoughts

    • Low moods, fear, anxiety & burn-out

    • From Denial to Acceptance - The Cycle of Grief

    • Procrastination

    • Intrinsic Motivation

    • What demotivates you?

  • 9

    Session 4 - Homework

    • What to do this week

    • Guided Zen Breath Meditation

    • 3-minute Breathing Space

  • 10

    Session 5 - Thoughts & Thinking

    • Overthinking or Under-thinking

    • Refraiming Thoughts

    • Awareness of the moment

    • Accepting & Allowing

    • Acceptance a True Story

    • The Guest House

    • Self Love

    • Cultivating Loving Kindess

    • Willpower & Triggers

  • 11

    Session 5 - Homework

    • What to do this week

    • Thoughts & Feelings Exercise

    • Loving-Kindness (meta) guided meditation

    • Bonus: Mind to Heart guided meditation

  • 12

    Session 6 - Overcoming Self Sabotage

    • Overcoming Self Sabotage

    • Why do we Self Sabotage

    • Taming your Outer Child

    • Self forgiveness

    • Connect Daily Activities and Moods

    • Set yourself up for Succes

    • Cultivating Positive Emotions

    • Cultivating Gratitude

  • 13

    Session 6 - Homework

    • What to do this week

    • Guided Meditation Release, Release, Relax

    • Your meditation of Choice

    • Guided Awareness Meditation

  • 14

    Session 7 - Mindfulness for Better Relationships

    • Non-violent communication

    • Why compromising isn't the solution

    • Learning and growing in relationships

    • Looking through the eyes of love

    • Move from judgment into acceptance

    • Understanding 5 Love Languages

    • Positively influence those around you

  • 15

    Session 7 - Homework

    • What to do this week

    • Discover your love language

    • Mind to Heart Guided Meditation

  • 16

    Session 8 - The Deeper Experience

    • Introduction to Somatic Experiencing

    • Tantric Meditation on the Energy of Emotions

    • Light from the Heart Meditation

    • Healthy Breathing - Nostril Breathing

    • Doing a Silent retreat

  • 17

    Session 8 - Homework

    • Dreamlining

    • Evaluation

About Lydia

Hi, I am Lydia, a yoga entrepreneur, trauma-informed life-coach, yoga, mindfulness & meditation teacher. Here to help you to get out of the stress you experience within and to unleash your potential. I have worked for many years in the corporate world and simultaneously started my self-development journey through counseling, yoga, meditation & mindfulness. Polarities I have now fused together into my work. The teachings of yoga, mindfulness & meditation helped me and many of my clients to battle anxiety and burn-out, stop the cycle of depression, gain self-confidence, peace of mind, and massive self-worth! With a razor-sharp mind I see you with clarity, truth, and compassion, looking straight through the limitations you hold within yourself. I believe we are all holding treasures that the world needs us to reveal. I love working with people, no matter where they are in life, and I am dedicated to igniting that spark in you, that spark that keeps you motivated, and to become truly happy with life.

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What other People Say


  • Lee - CEO

    Truly, A very big, Thank you very very much for everything and I will miss our “almost” weekly near life saving sessions immensely... You may not realise it, but your gift was received by me at the perfect time. With so much stress and change in the horizon you aided me in navigating a path forward with more clarity and ensured it is a path I wish to travel. Not only that, but I have managed to slow down the “noise” to a point where I can actually take a step back and savor the wonderful life I live and blessed family I have.

  • Nicola - Entrepeneur

    What I needed was to find my way back home to me and I knew I could trust Lydia in this process. You go deeper than you think and I found beautiful things about myself. You can discover what really is within you that might have been lost at some time. It’s truly amazing what can come out of you in the end.

  • Laila - Retired GP

    To do the course as a couple was really useful. It helped our awareness, understanding, and acceptance of each other but also helped us to connect in a renewed way. Your attentiveness, warmth, understanding, and knowledge were very impressive. I left feeling inspired and ready to face the next chapter of our lives with excitement and renewed energy.

How it goes

This is how we proceed with the course once you sign up!

  • Once a week there will be a live call of 1hr with Lydia to cover the main teachings.

  • On the day of the course you will receive the zoom link through your e-mail.

  • A recording of the live call will be available if you cannot make it at that day.

  • There will be supporting online information available to explore in your own time.

  • This includes videos, guided meditations, relaxation exercises, yoga, and text material to read.

  • The additional material will be accessible through any regular web browser.

  • For additional daily support and motivation there will be a WhatsApp group

Now is the Moment

Commit to your growth and development for a solid future today!

Pricing options

Choose what suits your team!

  • € 270 per session (instead of €349)

    A one-hour session where we will discuss the topics of the week - in a group of a maximum of 6 participants - and leave time & space to cover any questions and for laser-coaching.

  • € 99 per session (instead of €119)

    A one-hour one-to-one session where we will cover the subjects of the week and cover individual challenges that need in-depth coaching. Including access to the supporting online videos and material.

  • Bonus material

    On top of the 6 weeks course, there will be two extra modules available to look into after the course covering a deeper understanding of communication skills and advanced breathwork and meditation practices.

Thank you!

I am looking forward to sharing these transformational teachings with you and your team!